Lessons, set-up, tuning & more

New Bow

– Basic Introductory Lesson at our indoor archery range
– Professional set-up and tuning
– Shooting pass with five sessions at our indoor archery range

Repairs & Tuning

– Basic bow set-up
– Complete bow tune
– Inspection and safety checks
– Certified warranty and repair service
– New bow string set installation
– FPS chronograph test
– Peep tie-in
– Refletch vanes and feathers

Archery Lessons &
Shooting Lanes

Book Now
– Shooting lanes: per session or buy a 5 session pass ($35)
– Introduction to archery lessons
– Target shooting and archery hunting lessons
– Professional instructors for compound and traditional archery
– Archery leagues
– Shooting range fee is $10
– Rental and range fee is $25
– Rental and range fee with instructor lesson is $10 (this does not include instructors lesson fee)

Bwana Archery
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About Us

Our goal is to make you the best archer possible, and we are very good at what we do. So good in fact, we have become one of the largest and most respected archery outfitters in the nation (and still growing).